Our Purpose

Deep in the Welsh countryside, in the Tanat Valley, lies Pennant Melangell – a tiny and secluded settlement housing the shrine church of St Melangell.

At the easternmost part of the church is the Cell y Bedd, the grave cell where St Melangell’s relics lay in secret for centuries until they were restored to her shrine, to which, in our own day, a steady stream of pilgrims once again flows to honour the holy woman of the valley, to seek her intercession, and to deepen their communion with God.

Drawing from that spiritual fountain, we seek, with God’s help, to connect the people of Greater Manchester to that same life of prayer, stillness, and growth into God through the same ancient Faith once delivered to the saints. This site is a humble effort to help any who read it to encounter the One Who Is – the Lover of humankind.

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