Beholding the Light of Evening

In Britain, we seem to adore complaining about the onset of evening during the winter months. As we move into December and towards our celebration of Christmas, we seem perpetually surprised and disappointed at how early it gets dark. ‘When I wake up it’s still dark,’ we say, ‘and by the time I get in […]

Turn Towards the Lord!

‘Like lightning coming from the east, so the Lord will come on the Day unknown to all. Alleluia!‘ The antiphon on the 2nd Psalm at vespers for the 1st Sunday of Advent Why do Christians face east to pray? We may as well ask why Christians face any particular direction at all to pray? After […]

Are We Nearly There Yet?

…to the ages of ages. This familiar phrase concludes just about every prayer that we offer to God, whether in church or at home. It is a direct English translation from the ancient liturgical languages: in saecula saeculorum (Latin), eonas ton eonon (Greek), and y vo veki vekov (Church Slavonic). It is a phrase that […]

The Onion and the Debt Forgiven

When I studied Christian Theology at A-level back in college, which was longer ago than I care to admit, my fellow students came from a variety of backgrounds. It was a Catholic college, but in our theology class were Catholics, a couple of Protestants, an Anglican (me), and a Muslim – all from faith backgrounds […]

There Once was a Bishop of Carthage…

There are four saints in our church calendar with the name Cyprian, and even more in other local calendars. Today we celebrate the memory of St Cyprian of Carthage, Bishop & Martyr, and Father of the Church. What do we know about St Cyprian? Well, quite a bit, actually. He was born near the beginning […]

Breakfast with Mum

Some years ago I came across the anecdote of a woman who, one day, had arranged to take the morning off work. She had told her employer that she needed the time to observe an annual tradition of going out to have a special breakfast for her mother’s birthday. Naturally, her boss was more than […]

Saints of the Isles

Last September, Bishop Gregory charged me with the task of compiling a list of saints of the British Isles for inclusion in the liturgical calendar of our jurisdiction. After ten months of dedicated and successful procrastination, I began work on this towards the end of July this year. As the bishop needed this list by […]

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