On Being Canonical

I was brought into the Orthodox Church via the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR). I was made a catechumen in 2005 and baptised in 2006. At the time, we were in communion with the Serbian Orthodox Church, as well as the Orthodox Churches of Sinai and Jerusalem. To the remaining Eastern Orthodox churches, ROCOR […]

On Being Western Orthodox

Over this past summer, I took part in the Youth Festival of the Orthodox Fellowship of St John the Baptist – essentially an Eastern Orthodox conference for young people (generously defined) with guest speakers and group activities – which was conducted entirely online, as we were still under the conditions of lockdown. The email I […]

Pater Noster: Part Five

Save us from falling into temptationand deliver us from evil. These last two lines of the Our Father are our focus today. With the possible exception of Give us today our supersubstantial Bread, these lines have probably generated the greatest amount of discussion among Christians who pray them faithfully every day and yet struggle to […]

Pater Noster: Part Four

When I studied Christian Theology at A-level back in college, which was longer ago than I care to admit, my fellow students came from a variety of backgrounds. It was a Catholic college, but in our theology class were Catholics, a couple of Protestants, an Anglican (me), and a Muslim – all from faith backgrounds […]

Pater Noster: Part Three

Over the last two weeks we have travelled together on a journey through the prayer taught to us by Jesus Christ, and which is common to all Christians – the Our Father. I said when we began that this would mean a departure from our usual practice of reflecting together on the Gospel of the […]

Pater Noster: Part Two

Last week we explored the opening line, “Our Father in heaven.” For this next step on our journey through the Our Father, I would like for us to look at the next few lines, which really form a single unit. …hallowed be your nameyour Kingdom come,your will be done,as in heaven, so on earth. Most […]

Pater Noster: Part One

Over the next few Sundays, I plan to take a step outside of our usual practice of looking in depth at the Gospel each week in the homily.  Instead, as we make our Lenten journey of penitence on our return to the Father’s house, we shall take a sojourn through the prayer known as the […]

Beholding the Light of Evening

In Britain, we seem to adore complaining about the onset of evening during the winter months. As we move into December and towards our celebration of Christmas, we seem perpetually surprised and disappointed at how early it gets dark. ‘When I wake up it’s still dark,’ we say, ‘and by the time I get in […]

Turn Towards the Lord!

‘Like lightning coming from the east, so the Lord will come on the Day unknown to all. Alleluia!‘ The antiphon on the 2nd Psalm at vespers for the 1st Sunday of Advent Why do Christians face east to pray? We may as well ask why Christians face any particular direction at all to pray? After […]


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