On Death

My friend died. He did not pass, pass on, or pass away; he did not cross over and he is more than simply “no longer with us”: he died. And he detested the euphemisms that are so often used for death in British culture. Of course, in Orthodox parlance, we often refer to somebody reposing […]

I Will Not Speak of the Mystery…

By the mercy of God, on the Second Sunday after Pascha this year I was ordained to the sacred priesthood. The magnitude of this event and the gravity of what it means spiritually and practically – both for me and the fledgling community of my parish – are things that I still have not fully […]

The Spirit of the Fast

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the great fast of Lent. This is the most severe of all of the Church’s times of fasting and abstinence. From the time that we rise from sleep, we customarily take no food or flavoured drink, consuming only water until the canonical hour of None (3pm), which is […]

The Joy of Confession

It is said that an example of insanity is the performing of the same action over and over again and expecting different results.  This supposed pearl of wisdom is often attributed to Albert Einstein, although there seems to be little to no evidence that he ever said or wrote any such thing. In addition to […]

On Being Canonical

I was brought into the Orthodox Church via the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia (ROCOR). I was made a catechumen in 2005 and baptised in 2006. At the time, we were in communion with the Serbian Orthodox Church, as well as the Orthodox Churches of Sinai and Jerusalem. To the remaining Eastern Orthodox churches, ROCOR […]

On Being Western Orthodox

Over this past summer, I took part in the Youth Festival of the Orthodox Fellowship of St John the Baptist – essentially an Eastern Orthodox conference for young people (generously defined) with guest speakers and group activities – which was conducted entirely online, as we were still under the conditions of lockdown. The email I […]

Pater Noster: Part Five

Save us from falling into temptationand deliver us from evil. These last two lines of the Our Father are our focus today. With the possible exception of Give us today our supersubstantial Bread, these lines have probably generated the greatest amount of discussion among Christians who pray them faithfully every day and yet struggle to […]

Pater Noster: Part Four

When I studied Christian Theology at A-level back in college, which was longer ago than I care to admit, my fellow students came from a variety of backgrounds. It was a Catholic college, but in our theology class were Catholics, a couple of Protestants, an Anglican (me), and a Muslim – all from faith backgrounds […]

Pater Noster: Part Three

Over the last two weeks we have travelled together on a journey through the prayer taught to us by Jesus Christ, and which is common to all Christians – the Our Father. I said when we began that this would mean a departure from our usual practice of reflecting together on the Gospel of the […]


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